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The Batman Doctor Who Adventures (Comic)

Same bat time, different bat channel

I’m a big fan of Doctor Who, especially the classic seasons. Tom Baker (who played the Fourth Doctor) is one of the funniest people ever. I’m also a big fan of Batman. I grew up watching The Animated Series. I think Mask of the Phantasm is one of the best Batman movies ever.

One day, I thought, why haven’t these two icons teamed up before? And what would happen if they did, anyway? And what would a female Riddler be like? Before I knew it, a thirty page script had written itself and was begging to be put to the panel.

And Amanda J aka Nyxish was the one to do it. She brought my script and wireframe sketches to life in what might be the most time-wimey, bat-tastic fan comic ever.

Meanwhile, James Zark helped make it look even prettier. I asked him to use the classic Marvel reprints from the 1980s for inspiration. He came up a color scheme that added a whole new dimension to the experience.

Check out panels and pages from the comic below or keep scrolling to read at the link!


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