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Chrome Browser Cloud Management Demo (Live-Action Video)

A browsing success

In addition to the animated video we made with Brand New School, Chrome Enterprise wanted to create a live-action demo that walked admins through the benefits of Chrome Browser Cloud Management in real time.

Based on a previously recorded meeting with Fletcher Oliver (star of this video), I wrote a script that explained the CBCM process in a conversational way. Fletcher was a big help in making sure the dialogue (or monologue, I should say) was in his voice and accurately portrayed the product’s features.

Magnet Media flew in from New York to film the video in a nice space reserved in downtown San Francisco. Although it was a quick shoot, we had a plenty of fun on set. (Deanna Hoffinger produced this, so of course everything went smoothly.)

Scroll down to watch the live-action Chrome Browser Cloud Management demo video or view video stills in the photo gallery.


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