Chrome Browser Enterprise Downloads (Web Page)

As part of an ambitious migration project that spanned several websites, I worked with Google and designers Huge Inc to redesign the Chrome Browser Enterprise Downloads page which was targeted to a b2b audience.

Looking at the finished experience, you might think: “Wow, that looks pretty straightforward.” In reality, this page was the subject of quite a few debates while in development. We decided to put jump links at the top so busy admins could find what they’re looking for the fastest way possible.

That said, we also took the opportunity to plug the Chrome Browser Cloud Management and Enterprise Support features where we could — hopefully in a way that doesn’t feel spammy.

My favorite part of this project? Working on the thank you page.

The design team originally wanted it to feature a doodle of the Google Dinosaur wearing a fun little party hat. Chrome, on the other hand, wanted to go with the parachute design you see instead.

Fun fact: “great googly gratitude” was actually a form of expression before Google existed. Where? I don’t know. Bing it.

Scroll down to view the project gallery or see the finished site here.


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