Chrome Enterprise Retail Solutions (Web Page)

What’s in store

Any industry can benefit from using Chrome Enterprise’s hardware, software, and cloud-based apps — especially retail. Chrome solutions can help create a seamless, fast, and functional in-store brand experience for employees and customers alike. 

Chrome Enterprise was in need of a website that spoke primarily to decision makers in the retail industry. Together with the designers and graphic artists at Huge Inc, we came up with the Retail Solutions page.

This site gives an overview of how using cloud-native devices can offer team members a better way to work in retail stores — in the back and on the floor. It also talks about the perks that shoppers enjoy, too.

As with most Chrome Enterprise sites I worked on, Zamir Bormeo came up with the vector art on this one.

Keep scrolling to see the project photo gallery or check out the live site here.


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