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Chrome Browser Legacy Support (Animated Video)

A trip through time

I teamed up with Google Cloud Platform, Brand New School (BNS), and producer Deanna Hoffinger to create animated videos that demonstrate the benefits of using Chrome Browser to IT admins in new and eye-catching ways.

In other words, I wrote cartoons for Google — and it was fun!

This was just one of several promos made by BNS that I scripted. Collectively, I call them Chrome Browser: The Animated Series in my head. And now, so can you.

This “episode” talks about Chrome’s Legacy Browser Support extension. It helps business users access older apps they need to work with.

I’m a fan of anything that has to do with time travel, so I’m glad that director Brumby Boylston ran wild with that theme. There’s easter eggs and visual gags aplenty to see. I adds a re-watchability factor that I think all commercials should have.

Scroll down to watch the Legacy Browser Support animated promo below or see pictures in the photo gallery.


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