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Distributing Apps with Managed Google Play (Animated Video)

Back that app up

Hey, look! It’s another Google cartoon that I helped producer Deanna Hoffinger and the talented animators at Brand New School create.

This video is about and how admins can use Managed Google Play to curate which apps their enterprise users can use on their work devices.

Technically speaking, this was one of the first projects I worked on with Google, but it was published a year later due to budgetary issues, legal reviews, and other fun stuff.

Choosing the character designs for this was a funny process. Director Brumby Boylston and his team at BNS came up with some wild-looking concepts for monsters. Ultimately, we went with the snake and the big devil dude because they look more silly than scary.

Scroll down to watch Distributing Apps with Managed Google Play or see video stills in the project gallery.


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