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Chromebooks for Business (Web Page)

Go Chrome or go home

This page was a work in progress even after it went live. In that sense, the Chromebooks for Business site was a bit more involved than most other projects I worked on with Chrome Enterprise.

Essentially, this is a product brochure page that looks like an online store. Instead of a shopping cart, interested buyers are directed to a “contact sales” form. This may seem odd from a functional perspective, but did a lot to help screen prospective business clients.

This page was (is) continuously updated to feature new products. I helped with the initial updates and revisions. The most challenging part of this page was trying to match the character limit for each of the key product spec sections.

Huge Inc came up with lightweight and informative web design for this (They rock btw.)

Scroll down to see photo samples or check out the live site here.


Google Grab and Go


Chrome Browser Demo