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Google Chrome Enterprise Cloud Workers (Web Page)

Cloudy with a chance of teamwork

When launching a major redesign of their websites, Chrome Enterprise took the opportunity to introduce a new term to the b2b audience: “cloud worker.”

Cloud workers can work and collaborate from anywhere, across most platforms, in any industry. (Depending on what type of job they have, that is.)

Lots of people work in the cloud. Or use it to communicate, anyway. But for some businesses, switching to Chrome Enterprise’s services means migrating all of their data to the cloud. And that process sounds overwhelming.

The cloud worker concept helps to encourage enterprise decision makers and reassure them that making such a transition is worth it. Most of the workforce already uses the cloud in their spare time, so migrating to the cloud has more multi-level benefits than they think.

As with most web pages I worked on for Chrome, Huge Inc is created the design here. Zamir Bormeo came up with the cool vector art for this project.

Scroll down to see samples from the Cloud Worker page or visit the live site here.


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