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Google Cloud Japan GABA Case Study (Live-Action Video)

Efficiency as a second language

Chrome Enterprise Japan asked for help with the translation of another script for a customer case study video. I enjoyed working with them on the Open House video, so of course I said yes.

This one focuses on their working relationship with GABA, a language learning school where students and teachers work on a one-on-one basis to develop ESL skills.

The script for this script took about half a year (!) to write.

Well, not necessarily write — but to finalize, reorganize, etc. It actually went dormant for a while there. When it came back to life, we had few more rounds of edits and approvals to go through.

If the phrasing of the dialogue in this video sounds a bit too precise — that’s because it is. Each line was carefully worded according to the needs of stakeholders involved.

Basically, this was a good exercise in writing a script that could speak to professionals from two different cultural backgrounds without sounding too robotic.

Let’s hear it for Rooftop, the agency that produced this video. They rock!

Scroll down to watch the GABA case study or view stills from the video in the photo gallery.


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