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Managing Chrome Browser from the Cloud (Animated Video)

Head in the cloud

Here’s another animated promo for Google I helped create with Brand New School and producer Deanna Hoffinger.

This video talks about the benefits of Chrome Browser Cloud Management, a service that simplifies browser management for busy IT admins everywhere. It’s the animated counterpart to a live action demo video I also helped Chrome Enterprise with.

Collaborating with Chrome Enterprise and BNS again was a blast as always. After a couple very creative storyboarding sessions, we agreed that the juggling metaphor was the simplest to understand visually, so we played around with that.

Choosing the character designs on this was a fun process as well. Originally, we wanted to base the IT Admin’s design on the creative lead for this project at Google, Goldy Bardin, but she nixed the idea. However, we did manage to include her dog in there.

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