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Managing Chrome Browser Updates (Animated Video)

Put a ring (or two, or three) on it

Knock knock. Who’s there? Another animated promo for Chrome Enterprise, that’s who.

Once again, I teamed up with Google, director Brumby Boylston at Brand New School, and producer Deanna Hoffinger to create the next installment of what I like to call Chrome Browser: The Animated Series.

This video talks about the benefits of managing users browser updates in the cloud through Chrome Browser. It has less than two minutes to pitch this service to IT admins. Like the rest of the promos in the series, there’s a playful sense of humor here that makes the exposition go down nicely.

Fun fact: while making this promo, creative lead at Google Goldy Bardin and I jokingly referred to the symbolic rings and gears that appear around the characters as “Beyblades”. (She knows what that is because she’s a mom. I know what that is because I’m a big dork.)

As usual, coming up with the easter eggs seen in the background was pretty fun. Can you spot the merry-go-round? You probably can.

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