Monterey Bay Aquarium: ‘80s Sleepover Party (Content)

This was a totally rad project to work on.

Like, oh my god.

I helped the Creative Services team at the Monterey Bay Aquarium develop a campaign to promote the non-profit organization’s 35th anniversary sleepover party calledSweet Dreams (Are Made of Seaweed)”.

(In case you missed it, this event is ‘80s themed.)

Working on the branding of this event was a ton of fun. I helped write, edit, and coordinate the content across different channels to promote “Sweet Dreams…”.

This included helping build a messaging doc for the event, writing and reviewing the web site copy itself, QA-ing the checkout UX and emails, writing ‘80s-themed copy for Facebook ads, helping name the event itself — the whole shebang. Or she bop. Whatever.

Honestly, I was super stoked to help oversee and QA the content for this event. Working on it was about as fun as doing the robot while listening to Kenny Loggins and asking yourself where the beef is.

Check out the event’s web page here or scroll down to see this project’s photo gallery.


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