Product Descriptions for Newfangled Networks

Newfangled Networks was in needed over 1,000 unique product descriptions for computer hardware equipment written. Each of these had to be at least 250 words in length and tell geeky yet amusing story.

Because of my experience writing for the pop culture website Den of Geek, I was the chosen one. Or, I should say, their chosen one.

No joke: this is one of my favorite projects ever. Coming up with hundreds of these descriptions on the spot with carte blanche as far as creative direction goes was a lot of fun. At first, I wrote each description like it was a comedic skit. Towards the end, I told formulaic stories that had similar beginnings and endings. Some of these were published. Some of them haven’t been. (Yet.)

Either way, the year I spent writing product descriptions that were basically weird short stories made me a better — and more creative — writer. Thanks Newfangled Networks!

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