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Widow Zone (Comic)

Daze of future past

Widow Zone is a cyberpunk fantasy set in the distant future, the not-too-recent past, and everywhere in between. I like to call it “the cure for the common comic book.” The story is based on ideas from a half-written novel that’s lying around somewhere.

Amanda J aka Nyxish took my ten page script and sketches and brought this ten-page pitch to glorious, psychedelic life. (This was before we made the Batman Doctor Who Adventures together, by the way.) Deciding on the direction for the character designs was the best (and longest) part.

Widow Zone is currently looking for the right publisher.

Story synopsis: When Opal, an invincible young woman from the early 1900s turned world-famous assassin in the year 2255, goes rogue to rescue her only friend from a corporate terrorist known as The Architect, she finds herself trapped in giant underground maze that was built to test her physical limits.

Check out the preview pages below or read the complete  preview here.


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